Fencing at 4 Beckside Caton Lancaster

Fencing at 6 Beckside Caton Lancaster

Fencing at Aire Close Grosvenor Park Morecambe

Fencing in Burton in Holme. Trellis fence panels with slotted timber posts and green plastic base panels

Fencing in Claughton Lancaster

Fencing in Haverbreaks Lancaster

Fencing in Johnson Close Lancaster. Concrete posts and smooth concrete base panels with arch top trellis fence panels.

Fencing on The Ridge in Lancaster

Fencing in Gardens Grove Morecambe

Fencing in Hatlex Lane Hest Bank with Arch Top featherboard panels made tosize by Phil Middleton

Phil Middlebrook can supply and fit his own hand made fence panels, they are constructed from tanalised timber giving the panels longevity with strong backing rails to provide protection in hight winds. Unlike the cheap shiplap alternatives these panels wont blow out or rot in two years and need replacing.

© 2013 Phil Middlebrook

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