GFTK Resin

GftK is the clear European market and technology leader in Paving Joint Mortars for use with all types of natural stone and quality concrete block paving – for both new works and refurbishment projects. The vdw 840 Plus Patio Jointing and grouting Mortar is the ‘state-of-the-art’ product for DIY and professional pointing of domestic patios by fast wet slurry application. The vdw 850 Jointing Mortar is the highest performance and the ‘state-of-the-art’ for fast professional application in all types of paved areas subject to vehical traffic and mechanical street cleaning equipment. The GftK Jointing Mortars are all produced in Germany, fully in accordance with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001, and the range includes systems for all different sizes of joint and all different traffic loadings – from patios to commercial pedestrian areas, to paved areas with occasional light to heavy vehicles, to frequently trafficked streets and market areas, plus heavy vehicle turning, unloading and hard standing areas. The GftK range includes paving jointing mortars that are ideal for garden patios and pathways, driveways and car parking areas, town centre streets and pavements, commercial developments, historic market squares. In fact any important area of quality paving that is designed to look good and be cost effective, with the optimum durability of these expensive natural hard surfacing materials actually being achieved, without the premature failures that are so often seen from inadequate sand and cement based mortars, or inferior so called ‘geo or air drying resin’ products sold as ‘wide jointing compounds’ – Do not be fooled!

You may download a full description of GFTK Resin HERE

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